Antler Dog Chews

I am totally a dog lover, and have been ever since I was a little kid.  There is no reason for us to be feeding our dogs all these garbage pet treats that you can buy at the store, when there are healthy, natural dog treat alternatives available.  I’m talking antlers…

Dogs have a natural instinct to chew and it is in your best interest to provide healthy, safe items for your dog’s pleasure. Antlers are the perfect dog chews that are all natural, odor-free and healthy for your pet. They are a long-lasting chew toy that can help to clean your dog’s teeth why keeping it busy. Antlers are made of a bony material that is harder and safer than the traditional dog bone.

Antlers come from the deer family and are comprised of a bone-like material that redevelops each year on the animal. They grow on the males of reindeer, moose, caribou and elk. These animals most often use the antlers as weapons when fighting for leadership in a herd or when gaining the attention of a female. Antler dog chews most often derive from deer and elk.

Animals are not hunted for their antlers. They grow a new set each year. They begin as a layer of cartilage that mineralizes into bone over time. The deer loses its antlers each winter, growing a new, larger antler with more points to it until the animal reaches its prime.

Antlers become hardened and are composed of phosphorous, calcium, minerals and 50 per cent water. They are a healthy alternative to the traditional dog bone because there is no risk of the antler chew toy splintering or chipping. Many dog chews and bones leave a slobbery, sticky mess around the home from chewing but this is not a problem with the all-natural, odor-free antler chews.

Another benefit of the antler chew toys is that they help with oral hygiene for your dog. Although brushing your dog’s teeth regularly is an important aspect of oral care, the antler chews can help maintain healthy teeth. Along with cleaning the teeth, the chew will not cause any tooth breakage and is easier to chew because of its natural surface.

Antler chews vary in color and their shapes can be straight or branched out, thick or thin. Just as other bones, the antler chew has a softer center that dogs love. Many pet owners revel in the fact that the antler dog chews are a long-lasting, tasty and safe dog treat for their pets. As your dog chews on the antler chew toy, the gnawing action wears them down much slower than other bones. Since they last a long time, their cost is more economical because of a lesser need to keep buying more treats. You can choose the antler chew shape and size to meet the needs of your particular dog.

One of the best places to purchase antlers online for your dog is “Perfect Pet Chews“.


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