My New Blog

The Wups just being herself with her old friend.

Hi Everyone…

I have a lot of blogs, but I’ve always done them on blogger, and WordPress using actual software installs, but I’ve decided to try a hosted WordPress account at WordPress.  So this is a test for me, basically, as I have no clue what I’m doing.  This is a lot different than using Word Press on Verio, or Hostmonster – so please don’t laugh at me if I make a mistake, LOL…

“The Wups” is  nickname that Scott Sanfilippo and made up one day many, many years ago when playing with “His Baby”.  She is an adorable chihuahua, and she used to make lots of snorting noises.  We gave her the nickname, “snuffleupagus”, which morphed into the word “wuppagus”.  I’ve always loved the name so much.  I think it has such a cute and unique sound.  For over ten years, “Baby” has always been known as “Wups”…  For many years, I’ve hijacked the name “wups” and have used it for all kinds of things, including this new experiment – dedicated to Baby…  The Wups.


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